Young Hollywood stars being sexualized

Young Hollywood stars have been victims of being over sexualized for years now, but recently, it seems that one of the stars of the hit show “Stranger Things” on Netflix have become the newest victim.

Millie Bobby Brown, 13-year-old actress, was just named one of the sexiest actresses by the W magazine. This didn’t sit well with fans and got a ton of backlash. Fans are not happy that these kids who are barely teens are receiving pedophilic-like comments or statements.

The second season of Stranger Things only coming out a few weeks ago, it is not uncommon to see the actors and actresses of the show promoting it. This means they you are going to see them on TV, doing multiple interviews and much more. It is understandable that the fan base has a wide range of ages but this gives no excuse to sexualize these kids.

According to Affinity Magazine, Rebekah Harding, who wrote the article, said “Despite being actors, these kids are just kids, and they can feel just as creeped out and violated as any other child would if an adult made inappropriate advances toward them.”

Brandon Davis, who is a huge fan of Stranger Things, doesn’t like the fact that these young stars are receiving these types messages. Davis said, “these children are in the business to make a career out of the lives but this doesn’t give them a reason for others to sexualize their appearances.”

Alivia Weddington, who is also a huge fan of Stanger Things, agreed with what Davis and the article had to say. Weddington said, “hearing about kids being over sexualized in Hollywood is making me worry that these kids aren’t in a very safe and secure environment.”

To better protect not only the actors and actresses of Stranger Things but other child stars, people need to step up and fight against these kids being sexualized.

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